DEGENERATION NATION poem by David N. Donihue

When you see the boys

Boasting Bling Born Pride

Punch them in the eye

Let their true selves take their pride back

As they kick you between the thighs

Let their true selves take pride back

By their whimsical response to your need to defy

By your insecurity born arrogance

Calling out the richer and prettier

Assuming they are shallow

As if being underprivileged

Is the only way to inherit depth

And when you see the boys

Boasting their gutter punk pride

Punch them in their mother fucking eyes

As their identity should not be found in their obstacles

But instead, within that which they release

From their inherently unique souls

The pure objectivity

Of love and light

As opposed to the witty cynicism

Of dauntingly ordinary critical delights

Fuck them bitches

They don’t know how to party

And when you see the Degeneration Nation

Dividing itself from the lessons of the past

Dividing themselves from the genius in the present

Dividing themselves by their wallets and trash

Dividing themselves by their fear,

That within themselves

There is no true way to mesh

And when you see the Degeneration Nation

Please kiss them on their jaded lips

Know that you are them

And they are you

Know that all men started

Fixated on breasts

And when you see that girl shaking

From the a night of coke and regrets

She is the one to feel heaven

Once she gives herself the juxtaposition

Of peaceful movements

And there is ticking

Arousing in all of mankind

Uprooting our daydreams

Unsettling our minds

A deeply felt unity

In desperate race to retain self pride

And when you see scribes like myself

Wielding rants about others

In a way to seem wise

Fling a fistful of mud

Straight at my eyes

So I can truly see inside myself

For the very first time