THE TUMBLR GIRL (poem by David N. Donihue)

Why do you do what you do?

All day, every day

She is misunderstood

At times by herself

When she speaks, it is about the little things

The big ones, she is still digesting

The big ones,

In the real world

She has no interest in bonding over the articulation of

She’d rather talk music and inspiration and that time she walked stone cold sober into a lamp post because she was trying to act too cool for school

How it’s utterly impossible for her to be anything she’s not

The world is one big fucking lamp post, there to remind me

Her words

Fewer than some, more than others

Some things are reserved

For somewhere else

In life

Young enough to take legacy seriously

She knows that will never change

She wants her lips to be remembered for warmth

Her mind to be remembered for astuteness

Her spirit to be remembered for it gentleness

And her heart, is often articulated

simply by what she shares

The Tumblr Girl

Away from others

She takes in life

She absorbs

Some of life is too much for her

But she absorbs

And absorbs,

Praying the absorbing doesn’t later harden her sponge like being

to the shells of those like generations past

She is the Tumblr Girl

Articulating Identity

is no longer restricted to wearing the clothes of your favorite fucking band

Truth be told

Memes carry the energy of monstrous nuclear bombs

Their wisdom degraded by poor font selections

She absorbs, passes on the wise and true

Ignores the dark and creepy

She finds light in life

She won’t tolerate the ignoring of its force

Her Likes reinforce the weak

Hearts clicked

Souls reassured

And while isolation of hours and hours behind screens can go darker than dark

She cuts it off right when needed, returns when needed

Yet many still wonder


Tumblr Girl, why

And she never bothers to say

And it’s not what she says

If the resposts, were taken from the time line and plopped across the less than vacuumed carpet floor

And laid our

Like a map

Her mind, heart, spirit,

Would be revealed

She doesn’t need it to always be her own words,

But she needs to articulate

This much of life, this whole world

Absorbing and pushing out

At times sharing feels like giving birth

Like risking everything

At times, it reminds one there are no real risks

When you live as a genuine

You will always have that

You will always have that